The Conundrum


Some of our doctors, dentists, and nurses are hindered from referring their patients to an unlicensed health professional, even if it may be in the best interest of the patient and even if that health professional is very qualified and has a great success rate. MN doctors, dentists and nurses are also strongly discouraged from practicing a complementary or alternative modality if they would like.

Patients are hesitant to tell their doctors if they are using a complementary or alternative modality. We believe that it is important for doctors to know everything their patient is taking or doing to help themselves. With this knowledge, doctors can learn which modalities help their patients (maybe they'll start to see a trend) with certain ailments or with pain management. In some cases, there could be a contraindication with an herb (perhaps that the patient has found online) and a pharmaceutical drug. If the patient were to work with a knowledgeable health professional, that professional may have experiential or academic knowledge of a drug interaction, as may the doctor. We believe it is important for this type of collaboration to begin to open up for the safety of the patients.