About Us

MICA is comprised of a group of dedicated health professionals and concerned consumers who see a need for a shift in paradigm of our healthcare system.

  • Minnesota Integrative Care Advocates is a group of concerned Minnesotans dedicated to integrating all aspects of the healing process, encompassing conventional, complementary, and alternative practices, to the marketplace so that all people have unencumbered access.
  • We are a grassroots lobbying group.  We network, educate and disseminate information on how to support the innate healing process and how to access ways to do that.

MICA position of impartiality to modalities

MICA seeks to foster a communication bridge between conventional health care on the one hand and the expanding eclectic group of holistic
modalities on the other, to enable each individual more opportunity than either approach offers alone, to support their journey to health.  

Therefore our position on each area of health reflects this opportunity to look at pertinent information from all relevant perspectives.  We hope
you benefit from this impartiality.  

Our board members reflect this diversity, and therefore we remind you that we do not collectively endorse any particular method, but rather encourage access to more information for the collective good.

Our website is ever evolving, and we welcome you to share any information or comments you want to on the ‘contact us’ page.  
Thanks for your interest and blessings on your journey.

Our Mission

  • To ensure that all people have access to and information about all forms of the healing arts.

  • To ensure the option of all practitioners, both licensed and unlicensed, to practice the natural healing arts to the full extent of their abilities, education and qualifications; and to facilitate through legislative action, the full and responsible use thereof.

  • To afford a higher standard of health and well-being through the integration of the healing arts, including collaboration, communication and sharing of information among all parties.

Our Vision Statement

In recognition of the body’s innate ability to heal and that healing is a multi-faceted experience, and in the interest of advancing the true health and wel-lbeing of all Minnesota citizens and to create a truly integrated health care delivery system, MICA will work legislatively to remove unnecessary barriers to collaboration between licensed and unlicensed health care practitioners and their patients and clients.  Specifically, we will work

  • To protect consumers’ freedom of health care choices and to allow them access to the full range of health care options.

  • To protect physicians and other licensed practitioners from board over-reach if they choose to practice Complementary and Alternative Practices (CAP).

  • To allow physicians and other licensed practitioners the freedom to refer a patient to an unlicensed Complementary and Alternative Practitioner if they believe it is in the patient’s best interest.